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Tessy of Luxembourg pays tribute to ex husband Prince Louis

The ex-wife of Prince Louis of Luxembourg has paid tribute to the royal on his 34th birthday, admitting that their romance has been a rollercoaster.

Former Princess Tessy of Luxembourg, 34, wed Louis in 2006, and has two children Prince Gabriel of Nassau, 14, and Prince Noah of Nassau, 12, with the Prince, who is the third son of the country’s reigning monarch Grand Duke Henri.

Tessy, who lost her title after divorcing Louis last April, took to Instagram this week to share a family throwback of Louis, and admitted that the couple have ‘had their differences but have managed’.

Posting a picture of the family on a rollercoaster when their sons were young, she wrote: ‘Happy B day Lou. Life is a continues roller coaster and we both have gotten our fair share of that. 

‘Despite differences we have managed and are continuing to manage beautifully to raise our two joyful, smart and handsome two sons. 

‘I wish you especially today with your family, GF, friends and others the most amazing celebration and will raise my glass to many more years for you to come.’

Expressing her gratitude at having him in her life, she continued: ‘There is a saying which goes like this: ‘Even if we can’t be together in the end, I’m still glad you’re part of my life’. Thank you for our two boys. Both mean the world to me!’.

Sharing her advice with her followers, she continued: ‘To you all reading this, The rollercoaster is for each and everyone of us different. Do not compare your ride with someone else’s ride. 

‘You need the ups to understand and appreciate the downs for what they are—- lessons. To everyone born in August, Happy B day to you too!!!! stay blessed, healthy and happy in these turbulent times. You do not need to ride your rollercoasters alone. Reach out to people in these turbulent times during covid if needed.’

The couple’s fairytale marriage broke down in 2016, and they were granted a decree nisi in February last year, after a 12 years together.

They were only 20 when they wed, getting married six months after the birth of their eldest son Prince Gabriel of Nassau, now 13. 

Tessy, who in 2017 was named Woman of the Decade by the Women Economic Forum for her work in women’s empowerment, now lives in London with Gabriel and her youngest son Prince Noah of Nassau, 11.

Prince Louis, who will now pay £8,000 a year child support, renounced his succession rights to the throne in 2006, a month after marrying Tessy – who was not born of royal blood – but to a modest family in the small town of Niederkorn.

At a hearing in December, Louis was ordered to pay just £75-a-week to each of his two sons after a judge found his family’s vast wealth could not be factored into a bitter divorce battle with his ex-wife.  

Louis now lives in Paris, while Tessy juggles a busy work life with raising the couple’s two children across the Channel.

The philanthropist is the co-founder of social enterprise Professors Without Borders which aims to improve access to higher education across the globe.

She also works as a consultant, public speaker and is a UN Association patron.

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