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Terrifying moment masked thugs try to smash their way into property as a family cower inside

Dramatic footage has captured the terrifying moment masked burglars tried to smash their way into a suburban home with a baseball bat.

Two thugs dressed in masks, hoodies and gloves were caught on CCTV footage carrying a baseball bat and creeping up to a home on the New South Wales Central Coast at 4am on January 22.

The two offenders scoped the property, and approached the house from a concealed backdoor only accessible by rock steps through thick bushland at the back of the house.

‘They came up the grass driveway through the back of the pool here and shone a torch around, they seemed to be reasonably familiar with where they were going,’ the homeowner – who wished to remain anonymous – told A Current Affair.

The calculated thieves woke a female resident in the house, who walked down the hallway to turn on the outside lights to deter them.

Instead, the two felons hid behind the house and waited for her to leave back to her bedroom, before sneaking around to the backdoor.

One of the burglars watched through the doorway, while the other took the baseball bat and started bashing at the glass door, causing the female home owner to scream in horror.

‘The explosion and the noise was unbelievable,’ the female resident who also wished to remain anonymous said. ‘I didn’t know what was happening, but I knew something was definitely wrong.’

The man hit the glass nine times, breaking a small hole in the door and reaching his hand inside, before both men fled the house.

The female resident said she was scared that the men were targeting her, as she had been alone in the house for the previous two weeks while her partner was working out of town.

Trent Southwell, director of private investigator firm Team Safeguard, said the attack was carefully planned.

He said most burglars leave after being spotted, and despite seeing the female resident and noticing the extensive security system on the house, they continued their break-in attempt.

‘It’s not random, being the time in the morning, the way they’ve turned up, the way they’ve covered their faces with hoodies, the baseball bat, the backpack: there’s a lot more intent there than just a random attack at a house that’s already got cameras as well,’ Mr Southwell said. 

Police have taken forensic samples from the glass door and shards from the bat left at the house. 

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