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Terrifying moment car smashes into a New Jersey gas station

A gas station in New Jersey burst into flames after two cars slammed into a pair of fuel pumps yesterday morning. 

Heart-stopping footage released by North Brunswick Police Department showed a grey car attempting to turn into the gas station when it was hit by a red car traveling along the highway on Route 1 North, near Driscoll Road.

The red vehicle sideswiped the turning car before veering into the station and crashing into the gas pumps which immediately exploded.  

North Brunswick Police Department, who arrived to the fiery wreck after receiving multiple 911 calls, later confirmed there were no life threatening injuries.  

The scenes came as Storm Isaias forced its way through the state yesterday and spawned heavy winds, tornadoes and rain along the East Coast.

In the security camera footage released by police, the grey car approaches the North Brunswick gas station and begins to slow down as it prepares to turn right.

Seconds later, a red car traveling in the same lane slams into the back of the vehicle and causes it to skid across the road.

The red car then flips onto its side and crashes into the gas pumps which immediately catch fire.

Following the incident, the North Brunswick Police Department said in a statement: ‘This morning, we received multiple 911 calls for a motor vehicle crash at the gas station on Route 1 North near Driscoll Road. 

‘Our patrol units responded along with North Brunswick First Aid & Rescue Squad, Inc. and North Brunswick Volunteer Fire Department to the scene.

‘We are fortunate to say that there were no life threatening injuries reported. Just a reminder to please use caution while driving, especially days like today.’

The scenes came just as Storm Isaias, the ninth named storm of this year, battered its way across the state yesterday and spawned tornadoes and dumped rain along the East Coast. 

Prior to the hurricane’s arrival, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy issued a state of emergency to begin from 5am on Tuesday and urged residents to stay off the road ‘unless absolutely necessary’.

Taking to Twitter the governor wrote: ‘Do not be on the roads unless absolutely necessary If you must drive, take it slow, use caution, and leave extra time to get to your destination.’ 

The tropical cyclone has now killed at least seven people and left more than three million people across the United States without power.

On Tuesday, two people died when Isaias spun off a tornado that struck a North Carolina mobile home park.

Before making landfall late on Monday, Isaias killed two people in the Caribbean and battered the Bahamas before brushing past Florida. 

In Windsor, North Carolina, two more people died after the storm, which sustained top winds of 65 mph yesterday, ravaged several mobile homes in the area.   

Meanwhile in Mechanicsville, Maryland, a woman died when a tree crashed onto her car during stormy conditions, according to Cpl. Julie Yingling of the St. Mary’s County sheriff’s office.    

In New York City, fierce winds and rain forced the Staten Island ferry and outdoor subway lines to shut down while the New Jersey Turnpike banned car-pulled trailers and motorcycles. 

All three commuter train services into and out of Manhattan — New Jersey Transit, Metro-North and the Long Island Rail Road — have also been suspended.

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