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Terrifying moment a huge huntsman spider appears on a driver’s STEERING WHEEL 

This is the terrifying moment a huge huntsman spider leapt onto a woman’s steering wheel while she was driving.  

Footage showed Liang-Zi Carr struggling to stay calm when the spider crawled towards her as she drove along a busy highway on the Gold Coast. 

Ms Carr started to panic as the spider moved to the top of the dashboard while her colleague Aaron Butler tried to reassure her. 

‘Oh my god it’s coming towards me,’ Ms Carr yelled.

‘Don’t worry, it’s all good, it’s chilling,’ Mr Butler said.

But as Ms Carr attempted to pull over the spider jumped straight towards her and onto the steering wheel.

The sudden jump surprised the pair and they screamed before the video suddenly stopped. 

The pair appeared on Sunrise on Tuesday morning and explained they were in the far right lane in the pouring rain when they first noticed the spider.   

‘I was trying really hard to merge to pull over but also to keep my eye on the spider at the same time,’ Ms Carr said.

Ms Carr eventually pulled over and let the spider out unharmed.  

‘We ended up pulling over, opening the door and the spider jumped out and crept into the grass, she said.  

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