Tension in eastern Gaza against Israel continues despite deal to avoid violence

GAZA, Nov. 2 (Xinhua) — Palestinians released on Friday afternoon arson balloons from northern Gaza Strip into southern Israel, eyewitnesses and local media in Gaza reported.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Palestinian protesters arrived on Friday afternoon at eastern Gaza area close to the fence of the border with Israel and began to burn tires, eyewitnesses in eastern Gaza said.

They added that Israeli soldiers stationed at the border opened warning gunshots at the protesters.

The highest commission of the marches of return called on Gaza populations to join the 32nd Friday of the marches and broke the siege in five different locations in eastern Gaza close to the border with Israel.

The commission urged the protesters to keep the marches popular and peaceful, avoiding to approach the fence of the border with Israel.

Leaders of the Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other minor factions stressed that the tactics of the marches of return has been changed.

Their remarks came after meetings with the Egyptian security intelligence delegation on Thursday in Gaza.

The delegation mediates a calm deal with Israel for easing the hard living situation in Gaza and stopping violence at the border between eastern Gaza and Israel.

Palestinian activists in the anti-Israel marches of return threw percussion bombs at Israeli soldiers stationed on the border between eastern Gaza and Israel, according to eyewitnesses.

Israeli media Hadashot 24 reported that Palestinians in Gaza threw six bombs, three hand grenades and stones at Israeli soldiers without injuries.

Eyewitnesses in eastern Gaza said that more arson balloons were released from northern, central and southern Gaza Strip into southern Israel.

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