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Tennent Light: Brewers launch Scotland’s lowest calorie light lager

Tennent’s has launched a light beer with the company launching Tennent’s Light, Scotland’s lowest calorie light lager at 114 calories per pint.  

Tennent’s Light is aimed at lager drinkers looking for lower calorie, lower ABV options with the drink consisting of 114 calories per draught pint and less than 100 calories a bottle. Clocking in at 66 calories per 330ml it makes the new drink 37.5% less calories than Coors Light.

Made from 100% Scottish grown cereals and the fresh highland water from Loch Katrine, Tennent’s Light is suitable for vegans and is gluten free.  

The company teased the launch by anonymously floating illuminated white LED balloons at iconic landmarks across the country.

James Hughes, brand manager at Tennent’s, said: “We’re incredibly excited to introduce Tennent’s Light today – and finally reveal why Scots have been seeing white balloons dotted around cities these past few days. 

“Our talented brewing team at Wellpark have spent months cracking the perfect recipe, which is not only low calorie and low ABV, but it also tastes great.

“With more people looking for lower calorie and lower ABV options behind the bar, Tennent’s Light is our answer to the growing moderation trend and as the lowest calorie light lager on the market, we expect it to take Scotland by storm.”

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