Temperatures to climb in DAYS as summer heat returns after the weekend downpour, according to the BBC.


Temperatures to climb in DAYS as summer heat returns after the weekend downpour, according to the BBC.

Following days of thunderstorms and torrential downpours, UK TEMPERATURES are expected to increase after this weekend, according to the latest BBC weather forecast.

According to the latest BBC weather forecast, the UK will return to summer temperatures in a matter of days. Stav Danos, a BBC meteorologist, told BBC Breakfast viewers that starting Tuesday, sections of the UK will expect “sunnier, drier, and warmer weather.” According to the latest BBC weather forecast, London will reach at least 23 degrees Celsius on Wednesday.

Mr Danos, on the other hand, cautioned that the “extremely unpredictable August weather” will continue until the weekend.

Heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected to create flash floods throughout areas of the UK today, according to the Met Office.

“The adjacent low pressure will bring more showers, and as Friday, we could see some thunderstorms, which could lead to some localised flooding,” the BBC meteorologist stated.

“There will be some nice sunny intervals in between, especially in the southern parts of the country.”

“We will have showers from the start today, very much anyplace in the country,” he stated.

“As the day progresses, this will travel eastwards, and there may be some severe downpours in certain areas.

“Temperatures will be below average for this time of year, but we may reach 20 degrees in sunny periods in the south-east.

“On Sunday, the rain will be confined to the country’s northern and western regions, and Wales, middle and southern England may enjoy some sunny, drier weather.

“This might raise temperatures to 21 degrees Celsius.

“The low pressure continues to decrease on Monday and into next week, and as we approach into Tuesday, we have this bump of high pressure, which might calm things down.

“The northern and western parts will see the majority of the rains this week, with the south and east having a better chance of experiencing some sunnier, dryer, and warmer weather.”

Thunderstorms have been issued by the Met Office for much of Scotland, Northern Ireland, northern England, and north Wales until the end of Saturday.

Forecasters have predicted that up to 100mm (4in) of rain might fall in some areas, with the possibility of 20 to 30mm falling in an hour.

“We definitely have a very unstable weekend in prospect,” Met Office spokesperson Grahame Madge said, “with a lot of it covered by a thunderstorm and rain.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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