Temperatures teeter on freezing as the weekend is ‘disrupted’ by heavy rain, according to the BBC.


Temperatures teeter on freezing as the weekend is ‘disrupted’ by heavy rain, according to the BBC.

Temperatures will be just above freezing in some parts of the UK on Thursday and Friday mornings, according to the BBC, as a weather front delivers heavy rain and 40mph winds to the country.

As rain and wind are expected to hit most of the UK over the next few days, Carol Kirkwood told BBC Breakfast that ‘low pressure will be in command.’ On the heels of a weather front that passed across the UK on Wednesday, another front is moving northeast from the south. Heavy rains and winds are expected to interrupt the weekend, causing any plans to be canceled.

Ms Kirkwood, speaking on BBC Breakfast, predicted heavy rain and severe gusts for the following few days.

“Things are looking pretty unpredictable in the weather for the next few days,” she said on the show.

“Last night, we got a brief ridge of high pressure that calmed things down or calmed things down.

“However, low pressure will reign supreme for the remainder of the week.”

The presenter then turned her attention to Thursday, predicting that it would be sunny in some regions but rain and strong gusts in others.

“So we’re going to get rain spells, it’s going to be windy with some brighter interludes,” she continued.

“However, there is a chance of some wind and rain this weekend,” says the forecaster.

“[Thursday] morning began with temperatures below freezing in parts of Scotland and barely above freezing in northern England.

“That won’t last because a band of heavy rain is sweeping over the country to the south, and the weather will start to turn blustery.

“We will get some clearer sky through the course of [Thursday] and beyond, but there will be a lot of cloud about.”

Ms Kirkwood said that another weather front was on its way, bringing terrible weather across the majority of the UK.

“Then we have the next weather front coming in across western Scotland and Northern Ireland, which will bring more rain,” she added.

“The other issue about [Thursday] is that it’s windy right now, especially in the northwest.

“The wind will die down a little here, but we’ll still see 30 to 40 mph inland today.”

“Temperatures will range from 11 to 18 degrees Celsius later this evening and tonight,” according to the Brinkwire Summary News.


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