Teens fled after colliding with a car in a spectacular hit-and-run captured on video.


Teens fled after colliding with a car in a spectacular hit-and-run captured on video.

A DRAMATIC video shows a hit-and-run driver speeding down a residential street before plowing into a car.

After crashing into a parked automobile on Sunday afternoon, teenagers were seen leaving the “unregistered” silver Alfa Romeo. The Alfa Romeo swerves erratically from side to side before slamming into the second car on the street outside a house, according to surveillance footage.

I’m enraged… You had better turn yourself in. The passenger is unquestionably hurt as well.

The daughter of the car owner

The impact is so powerful that the car is thrown down the street and collides with another parked vehicle, pushing it along.

Three youths are then spotted fleeing the Alfa Romeo in Birmingham’s Pheasey neighborhood.

According to Birmingham Live, the car owner’s daughter, who did not want to be identified, later commented about the event on Facebook.

“I am enraged, if anyone knows who just ploughed into our cars on Park Farm and fled, you better hand yourself in,” she added. The passenger is undoubtedly hurt as well.

“You are really fortunate that no one was outside my house or that my nephew was being loaded into the car at the time.”

“We had a crash outdoors today and hit my mother’s car,” the woman continued.

“Fortunately, no one was injured, but it was quite frustrating. Fortunately, no one was walking by when it happened, so we are all fine.

“Car is unregistered, but lads rushed off into the fields over the back by Nether Hall.”

Please contact West Midlands Police via their website or by dialing 101 and referencing log number 1825 from August 8, 2021.


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