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Teenager, 19, who was left with a RECTANGLE face after $500 cosmetic procedure shows off new look

A 19-year-old from Australia who was left with a ‘face like a rectangle’ after undergoing a cosmetic procedure to dissolve fat in her jaw has shown off her new look seven weeks later.

Sofia Marroquin went viral around the world in June after having the $500 ‘Kybella treatment’, which uses injections to reduce fat under the chin.

The treatment typically results in temporary swelling that usually dies down within eight weeks.

Sofia experienced the swelling immediately after undergoing the procedure. 

‘Week seven update – one more week until absolute final results,’ Sofia captioned a new video uploaded to her TikTok page this week.

In the new clip, the 19-year-old shared a series of progress shots of her rectangular face after the treatment, as well as a photo of how her face looks now.

She also shared some of the insults that were thrown at her during this time, including ‘You look like Spongebob’ and ‘You look like a man’.

Some even said her face looked ‘botched’. 

With one week to go until the final results, in her new video Sofia’s face is entirely slimmed and she has a defined jawline and chin. 

‘I’m so happy for you girl! You trusted the process and it worked out,’ one commenter wrote.

‘Shows that patience goes a long way. What an incredible result,’ another added.

While Sofia admitted in the comments section of her video that her chin is still sensitive to touch, she did say she is delighted with the results:

‘It’s so worth it,’ the 19-year-old posted.

Sofia first went viral at the end of June, when she shared another clip of her ‘rectangular face’ and filmed her family’s reactions.

‘So just got some lovely needles into my face and my family has no idea what I’ve just done and I’m about to get their reactions,’ Sofia said in the video. 

She then proceeded to move through her home, filming her mum and dad’s shocked reactions.

Sofia’s dad audibly gasped when he saw his daughter and said ‘oh my goodness’, while her mother sighed: ‘Oh Sofia’.

The 19-year-old’s sister burst out laughing and fell to the floor, while her best friend covered her mouth as Sofia joked ‘I’m scared’.

Sofia even filmed her local cafe owner’s nonplussed reaction, as she tried to order a coffee.

In a subsequent video, Sofia explained that her rectangular jawline was caused by temporary swelling following a ‘Kybella treatment’.

In this $500 treatment, injections are used to reduce fat under the chin.

‘Okay, lots of people are confused as to why I made my face look like a rectangle,’ Sofia said.

‘I didn’t purposefully make my face look like a rectangle. I got a treatment done called Kybella, which removes fat from the lower part of your face.

‘Lots of people get it in the lower neck area to remove a double chin, but I got it in my jowls area.’

Sofia said her area was ‘really fatty’ and covering up her jawline, which is why she wanted the treatment done.

‘I wanted to remove that fat a little bit to make it look a little bit better,’ she said. 

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