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Teenager, 19, says ‘I will never stop loving you’ in heartbreaking tribute to sister, 15, killed in tragic boat crash

A GRIEVING 19-year-old girl today vowed “I will never stop loving you” after her sister, 15, was killed in a tragic boat crash.

Emily Lewis suffered fatal injuries when the Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) she was in smashed into a boat.

Twelve people, including her parents Simon and Nikki and sister Amy, 19, were injured in the crash.

In a since deleted Instagram post, devastated Amy wrote: “Sadly me and my family were in a boat crash yesterday and sadly my beautiful sister didn’t make it.

“I am so sorry Emily there is no one I love in the world as much as you and I will never stop.”

She later posted her thanks to family and friends for their messages, saying she was “overwhelmed”.

Mrs Lewis and Amy both suffered broken arms.

The young woman’s tribute came after dad Mr Lewis revealed his devastation after losing his “beautiful” daughter.

He said: “Nikki and Amy suffered broken arms and are doing as well as expected.

“I have pain but no breaks but the emotional pain far outways the physical.

“We are all in shock that our beautiful daughter and sister is no longer with us and words just don’t seem to be available to express our deep sense of loss.”

Two others had been flung into the water when the crash unfolded about 10am around half a mile off Netley, Hants.

A passing boat rushed to the scene, followed by lifeboats, and casualties were ferried ashore before being taken to Southampton General Hospital for treatment.

A full investigation is now underway into the cause of the crash.

It is understood the RIB was hired from Seadogz.

A director of Seadogz yesterday said he had been advised not to comment on the tragic accident when he answered the door of his home.

Michael Howelly, 49, who is listed as the sole company director, said: “I can’t talk about this. I have been told not to say anything.”

A sailor who owns a berth at Ocean Village Marina said he saw a female casualty brought ashore on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance as well as several bloodied and bandaged casualties.

The man said: “The air ambulance was circling and more and more ambulances seemed to be arriving.

“Then between five and seven casualties came in to the marina on a lifeboat with its blue light going.

“A man came in with a broken arm and a mother and daughter wrapped in silver, hypothermia blankets who were clearly in shock.

“Another man had a bandaged hand which was bleeding and there was a female – who looked like an adult – who was laid out on a stretcher unconscious.”

“If they were on a RIB which hit a navigation buoy out there it would explain why they were in such a bad way.”

A HM Coastguard spokeswoman said: “Three lifeboats, a Coastguard Rescue Team and the Ambulance Service were all called to assist.

“There were some injuries and the 12 people who were on board were taken to shore and handed into the care of the ambulance service. Marine Accident Investigation Branch have been informed.”

Hampshire Constabulary said the girl’s family are being supported by specialist officers.

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