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Tamworth KFC customer films staff standing in greasy puddles and on top of food waste

KFC workers have been filmed working in a ‘filthy’ kitchen, with deep greasy puddles on the ground with pieces of chicken, chips and litter strewn everywhere. 

Parents Robbie and Mimi got a behind-the-scenes look at the ‘putrid’ kitchen when they pulled up to collect their meal at the drive-thru window at KFC Tamworth on Saturday night. 

They later uploaded the video to Facebook, where it was labelled ‘disgusting’, ‘putrid’ and ‘filthy’ by users and has since amassed more than 113,000 views. 

In the clip, the fast-food workers repeatedly walk through the greasy puddle in the centre of the kitchen which has KFC’s signature potato and gravy suspended in it.

The manager then intervenes and offers a free, repacked meal, but they were so put off by the state of the restaurant that they decided to feed it to their dog.  

The video begins with a KFC worker, a teenage boy, holding out an EFTPOS machine for Robbie to pay for his meal. 

The worker is only wearing a glove on his right hand while his left hand is ungloved. 

‘Show them what you’ve got on your hand,’ Robbie asks, prompting the working to mumble something ineligible and walk away without another word. 

His female colleague calls after him as he walks through a deep puddle of grease with chicken, chips, potato and gravy, napkins and plastic cups in it.    

The manager of the store, a young man, then arrived at the window to address their complaint, again wading through the greasy puddle.    

‘He touched the food and he had one glove on and his other hand was filthy. I asked him to show his and he wouldn’t show it and he just took off,’ Robbie explained. 

‘His hands were dirty, he had them on the food.’ 

‘If you want, I can completely repack that because that is absolutely disgusting and I’ll talk to him for you,’ the manager replied.    

Robbie then panned over to the KFC bag with grease stains on it before handing it back to the KFC manager. 

‘Look at that stuff on there, look. Look how dirty the bag is,’ Robbie said. 

‘That is not acceptable, I’ll go talk to him,’ the manager replied before walking away. 

A female worker then repacked the meal but once again had to walk through the disturbingly deep puddle of water in the store.  

‘Look at that, walking around in slop. That’s chatty,’ Robbie remarked.

‘Chat’ is an Australian slang term for disgusting. 

The manager then returned, conceding: ‘I’m not sure what was on his hand but I can see there’s stuff on there.’ 

He also asked Robbie to stop filming, but the customer said he had to continue recording for ‘my health and safety’. 

‘I’m so sorry about that, mate. We’ve remade the meal for you and I’m not going to make you pay because that is absolutely disgusting. Sorry about that,’ the manager replied. 

The video, which then cut off, was later uploaded to Facebook, where people described the kitchen as ‘disgusting’, ‘putrid’ and ‘filthy’.  

When asked if they ate the food, Robbie’s wife Mimi said: ‘No, we gave it to the dog.’ 

A KFC spokesman said: ‘We’re extremely concerned to see this footage. 

‘We’ve contacted the customer and are in the process of investigating this issue, as we take our food safety and hygiene standards very seriously.’  

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