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Taking Zoom online classes? Here are the best learning from home deals

Taking online classes is a great way to learn from home, especially for students who are working part-time or taking on courses gradually. There are so many ways to stay connected for your online class — Zoom, Google Classroom, Ed Puzzle, Scholastic, online textbooks and more — but you need the right tech setup and equipment to be successful.

If you’ve suddenly found yourself homeschooling and taking on the role of teacher for your kids or if you’re looking to pick up a new skill, there are some things you want to have available. In order to have a seamless learning experience at home, we’ve scoured the internet to find you the best deals for students taking online classes.

Up to $370 off

Aside from having the right tech you also need to get on the right mindset of online learning and what working from home entails.

There are a lot of fun educational games for kids online. Minecraft added educational puzzles, challenges, and assignments for kids to enjoy with friends.

While you may not get the direct contact with your professor, teacher, or tutor, there are still a lot of benefits to learning from home. There are great online resources such as borrowing e-books from your library. You can also browse free educational databases for students, including free virtual field trips to museums and zoos.

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