Taking it all away! In order to be more ‘family friendly,’ Blackpool has decided to outlaw lap dancing clubs.


Taking it all away! In order to be more ‘family friendly,’ Blackpool has decided to outlaw lap dancing clubs.

Blackpool councillors have passed a ban on lap dance clubs as part of their efforts to make the town more “family-friendly.”

The existing four clubs in town will be allowed to continue operating under the new guidelines. However, when their licenses expire, they will not be renewed.

In addition, the town government has authorized only one sex business to operate.

Operators worried that it may drive lap dancing underground and put workers at “alarmingly high” risk of damage before it was passed by the council.

According to the Local Democracy Reporting Scheme, the anticipated crackdown on sexual entertainment venues (SEVs) was first reported in January.

The amended policy was accepted by the licensing committee in September after a public consultation.

The council’s executive has now formally approved it.

The town has been “working towards a zero limit on the number of SEVs and lap dance clubs,” according to Councillor Neal Brookes, cabinet member for enforcement, public safety, highways, and transportation.

The council hopes that the move will better represent its goal of being more family-friendly, as well as express support for the White Ribbon initiative to combat violence against women.

Ashley Sayers, whose family has owned and operated Eden Two on the Promenade for 14 years, has criticized the decision.

“These girls range from single mothers trying to provide for their kids to career artists who have been in the field longer than I have and have utilized their earnings to invest in real estate and create their own businesses,” she explained.

“The industry will be dragged underground, and the girls will be enticed, if not compelled, to work in locations like hotels for private bachelor party guests, where their risk of sexual assault and financial abuse will be disturbingly high.”

Not all councillors were pleased with the difficult decision.

Graham Baker, a councillor, was initially in favor of the proposal, but after hearing complaints, he changed his mind.

“I was in favor in January on the grounds of attempting to establish Blackpool as a family venue,” he stated.

“However, in light of the criticisms, it caused me to reconsider.”

“You can’t look through these establishments’ windows, and the kids can’t see anything.”

“It’s not evident to children that this type of establishment exists.

“We’ll never be able to get rid of this kind of place.”

“Brinkwire Summary News” says, “It’s likely to be forced underground where it is.”


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