Taking advantage of our land! Argentina bursts in anger over the UK’s ‘criminal and unlawful’ claim to the Falkland Islands.


Taking advantage of our land! Argentina bursts in anger over the UK’s ‘criminal and unlawful’ claim to the Falkland Islands.

ARGENTINA has slammed a UK corporation for operating illegally from the Falkland Islands.

The southern Argentine province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica, and the South Atlantic Islands, which claims the Malvinas as part of its jurisdiction, has condemned BAM Nuttall for operating without permission from the region.

The regional government said in a statement that the corporation was recruited by the “illegitimate” island government to design and build a new port in the region.

The activity does not have the “due intervention” of Tierra del Fuego’s Ministry of Production and Environment, according to the government.

They alleged that the UK aims to turn Malvinas’ port into a logistics support center in order to advance in the “plundering” of the islands’ natural riches.

The Provincial Secretariat of the region, Andres Dachary, filed a complaint against the building enterprise with the Secretary of the Environment of Tierra del Fuego.

Mr Dachary stated that the Malvinas and their surrounding ocean regions constitute an intrinsic component of Tierra del Fuego’s province and are subject to provincial and national regulations.

“The fact that the United Kingdom is temporarily invading them in no way prohibits us from taking action against individuals who disobey the laws,” he said.

Sonia Castiglione, Tierra del Fuego’s Minister of Production and Environment, said the provincial Environment Secretariat will notify BAM Nutall.

“The firm will have a peremptory deadline to respond from that point forward, and depending on what happens, the legislation is explicit and enables a range of legal actions,” she said.

The government of the Malvinas stated last year that BAM Nutall would design and construct a new port in the archipelago’s capital.

Tensions between Argentina and the United Kingdom have reached a breaking point after Argentina imposed penalties on two British corporations.

Argentina sanctioned three businesses, two of which were British, last month for alleged illicit hydrocarbon production in waters north of the Falklands.

Argentina argued that they did not have the permission of its government, which claims ownership of the British Overseas Territory.

“These firms are not licensed to operate nor have they requested any type,” Argentine secretaries of energy Dario Matinez and of the Malvinas, Antarctica, and the South Atlantic, Daniel Filmus, stated.


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