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Sydney School investigates after racist attack on African student in ‘George Floyd’ challenge

A sickening video has captured the moment a group of students assaulted a black teenager in a racially motivated attack. 

The footage was taken at the Parramatta Marist High School at Westmead, in Sydney’s Western Suburbs. 

The 20 second video features several teenage boys kicking and punching another student, with one making reference to the ‘George Floyd Challenge’.

The boy filming laughs as he repeatedly urges the other students to ‘get that mother******’

‘Get him boys, get him boys!’ he says. 

Another screams ‘George Floyd Challenge,’ as he jumps on the student. 

All the while the teenager lays on the grass begging his attackers to get off him. 

When they’re done, a student calls him a n**** and they leave the victim curled up on the grass in pain with no shoes on.  

The clip was circulated among students on Snapchat and Whatsapp.

A parent who witnessed the clip described it as ‘sickening’ and condemned the behaviour in an area known for its multicultural community. 

‘This is disgusting and the language has no place with young people,’ he told 7 News.  

The Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta has since referred the incident to the police. 

‘We are appalled by the conduct of these students and that racist and offensive language was used during this incident,’ it said.

The diocese said it had no tolerance for violence and harassment among students.

The boys involved have been suspended from attending school while investigations are ongoing. 

The school is providing support for the victim and says they are in close contact with the student’s family.

A punishment will be determined for those involved to reflect the severity of the incident once the investigation concludes.  

The ‘George Floyd Challenge’ emerged on Snapchat in June after the 46-year-old was killed by a white police officer.

Mostly white males have been sharing images and videos as they kneel on the necks of their friends.  

The vile trend developed after the death of Floyd, 46, when police officer Derek Chauvin put a knee in his neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds, ignoring his cries of ‘I can’t breathe’.

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