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Sydney: Family discovers a TURKEY is stealing parcels from outside their front door

A woman has discovered a bush turkey tried to steal a package from her front porch while she was at work.

Gail Giles-Gidney, Mayor of the City of Willoughby in Sydney’s Lower North Shore, shared a video to a local Facebook group of a bush turkey trying to steal her mail.

The video showed a parcel from Australia Post sitting on Ms Giles-Gidney’s tiled porch outside of her front door on Friday.

A bush turkey suddenly appeared and began to inspect the package.

After a few moments inspecting the package, the bush turkey began to pick it up and attempted to run off with it.  

But the turkey struggled to keep the parcel in its beak and gave up, dropping the large package on the ground.

‘I thought it was funny. We live in a lovely bushland environment in Castlereagh,’ she told Daily Mail Australia.

‘People always say to watch out leaving things on your porch and its finally happened to us.’

She said the family had never experienced anything like this, but they were very amused by it.

‘It’s not often a bush turkey tries to take your mail – and the package was remarkably intact!’ 

Social media users were left in hysterics at the feathered thief.

‘Worse than the bin chooks,’ one social media user commented.

Another said: ‘A turkey thief.’

A third social media user hoped the bush turkey enjoyed whatever was inside the package.

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