Sydney Devine fans ‘outraged’ after flower tributes stolen from Pavilion Theatre in Glasgow


Fans of Sydney Devine have been left devastated after flower tributes to the late singer were stolen over the weekend.

Fans had been leaving tokens of their grief including flowers, candles and photographs on the steps of the Pavilion Theatre, where the legendary singer regularly performed.

The 81-year-old showman from Cleland in Lanarkshire passed away at 3.30am on Saturday morning, according to Iain Gordon, the manager of Glasgow’s Pavilion Theatre, where Mr Devine regularly performed.

The star had been admitted to University Hospital in Ayr suffering from an unknown illness.

Mr Devine was best known for his version of the song Tiny Bubbles, selling millions of records throughout his long career.

Devine was a regular performer at the Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow

Now, the theatre has urged fans to leave their tributes at specific times to avoid future theft, after bouquets of flowers went missing from the venue.

Outraged fans suspect they have been stolen to give as Valentine’s Day gifts.

Karen Bishop, 56, discovered the flowers were missing and said that to say she was disappointed would be an understatement.

She told The it was “absolutely disgusting”, especially considering the enormous contributions Sydney Devine made to the people of Scotland. 

She said: “Sydney Devine gave so so much to the people of Scotland, not only for his great work on stage but he was a great fund raiser for charities – such marie curie, riding for the disabled, pensioners charities, and many more. 

“He made visits to hospitals and the homes of people who were ill – and then someone does this to his memory – it is absolutely disgusting and I hope they read this to know how outraged all Sydneys fans are.

The flowers stolen from the venue

Writing on Facebook after the incident, Ms Bishop said: “I have just seen the flowers laid at the stage door for Sydney to discover the ones my friend Iris put there yesterday have gone.

“I have no doubt in my mind these were stolen because obviously today is Valentine’s Day”.

“How disrespectful can people be”, it went on. “That is the lowest of the low.”

The Paviolion Theatre has now recommended that people wanting to pay respect do so at certain times so as to avoid further bouquets going missing.

A spokesperson for the theatre said: “Some fans are leaving flowers outside in memory of Sydney Devine, and unfortunately, some of these have been stolen.

“If you wish to leave any memorials, we please ask that you do so between 10am and 3pm, Monday to Friday and our staff will take these in and place them on stage, around Sydney’s mic stand.

“Thank you for doing this, it is very much appreciated and we will update you with a few pictures over the coming days.”

Meanwhile, the florist from whom the original flowers came has now offered to replace the stolen bouquets free of charge.

Marlene’s Flowers in Tollcross Road in Glasgow is providing replacement flowers,which are due to arrive on Monday.

It has been hailed as an “incredibly kind gesture.”


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