Swinney’s deception has landed the SNP in hot water. The UK Statistics Authority received a Covid graphic.


Swinney’s deception has landed the SNP in hot water. The UK Statistics Authority received a Covid graphic.

The Scottish Conservatives have reported SNP leader John Swinney to the UK Statistics Authority for using inaccurate Covid data.

Annie Wells, the Tories’ Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health, accused the Deputy First Minister of promoting “false news” and jeopardizing public health. Mr Swinney sparked the latest political uproar in Scotland when he tweeted about face masks on Monday. The tweet included a graphic of a face mask, as well as unverified claims regarding their usefulness in preventing the transmission of the infection.

One such claim claimed that if both people were wearing masks, a person with Covid could not transmit the virus to another person just six feet away.

The Scottish Tories took action after Mr Swinney refused to delete the tweet from his social media sites.

Ms Wells accused the SNP of failing to take adequate steps to address their error in a statement.

Mr Swinney’s tweet, she claimed, was “basically fake news” that had the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of people.

She claimed, “The ongoing usage of an unsubstantiated visual like this is possibly dangerous.”

“It undercuts the important public health message that masks can help stop the illness from spreading.

“It may even persuade some individuals that Covid poses no risk in certain conditions, which is unsupported by science.”

Because SNP Ministers will not act, the Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health accused the SNP Government of “poor judgment” and stated she had no choice but to send “this visual to the UK Statistics Authority for their input.”

The effectiveness of face masks in reducing the transmission of the virus is now under investigation.

While the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that people wear face masks, it also emphasizes that face masks alone are “insufficient to provide an effective level of protection against COVID-19.”

Mr Swinney has now apologized for his error and erased the tweet from his account.

Face masks and social separation, he said, were vital tools in the fight against coronavirus.

“On Monday, I uploaded a photograph to demonstrate how masks and distancing can help limit Covid transmission,” he stated.

“I’ve now removed the graphic because the figures in it could not be verified. Sorry for the inconvenience.

“However, the lesson remains the same: masks and separation remain critical.” Brinkwire Summary News”.


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