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Survey finds 52 per cent of British men claim they do most of the ironing in their home 

Maybe they were pressed into it, but men now claim to do more ironing than women.

A survey found that 52 per cent of British men said they do most of the ironing in their home, compared to 48 per cent of women who said they did the majority.

Men from Yorkshire are the biggest ironers, with 60 per cent working flat out compared to 40 per cent of Yorkshire women.

Only men from Wales and the North West buck the trend, with women in both regions still dominating the ironing board.

Modern men in the South East claim to do 58 per cent of the chore compared to 42 per cent of southern women. In the east of England it is 57 per cent of men compared to 43 per cent of women and in the North East it is 55 per cent men and 45 per cent women.

In the Midlands the gap narrows with 52 per cent of chaps steaming away compared to 48 per cent of women.

However the poll for interiors specialist Hillarys found women still do most of the cooking, cleaning, washing and laundry.  

Spokesman Lucy Askew said: ‘It is clear to see that both men and women are taking on different roles whilst carrying out household chores.

‘It is interesting to see that men are ironing more in comparison to women, but this may be to do with men wearing shirts and needing to iron out creases, whereas women may not feel as inclined to iron the clothes they wear.

‘There is still a clear sex divide when it comes to other household chores, but we could soon see this change in the future as women take on the more masculine roles of DIY and even car maintenance.’

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