Surkov, an ex-Kremlin strategist, forecasts a bleak future with “humanless democracies” where machines will rule the world in 2121.


Surkov, an ex-Kremlin strategist, forecasts a bleak future with “humanless democracies” where machines will rule the world in 2121.

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That is the theory of Russian presidential advisor Vladislav Surkov, who wrote an article titled “Desolate Democracy and Other Political Wonders of 2121,” in which he lays out his predictions for how politics and governments will evolve over the next century.

Surkov, known as the Kremlin’s “grey cardinal,” served as Assistant to the President until February 2020 and has worked for Putin in various positions since 1999. His period in the Kremlin is best recognized in the West for the cottage industry it produced, in which foreign pundits frequently painted him as the mastermind behind the entire operation.

Surkov presented his vision of the future in the next 100 years in his most recent work for the publication ‘Actual Comment.’ According to the former Kremlin aide, cyberspace will be “divided” and “colonized” in the coming century, while many wars will be waged on the ground.

In terms of government structure, the internet will usher in a new era of direct democracy, in which citizens will no longer be required to elect representatives. Instead, anyone can vote on new laws if they so desire.

“For example, if a new beekeeping law is needed, anyone who is interested – beekeepers, honey enthusiasts, beauticians, pharmacists, people who have been stung by bees, people with allergies, lawyers, hive and smokehouse manufacturers, beeophiles and bee-haters, as well as those who are always concerned about everything – can all directly participate in its drafting, introduction, discussion, and adoption,” Said.

“In this plan, there is no parliament.” Communication tools, algorithms, and moderators have taken its place.” People will gradually be phased out of the process as technology advances, with robots aiming to erase the human aspect – “a phrase that has long become synonymous with a deadly error,” he argues. Biological citizens will gain increasingly more comfort and less worth, until they no longer have any impact.

Surkov also forecasts the emergence of new forms of nations, such as “virtual republics” with no real land and “post-patriotic communities” with no reverence for tradition or forebears.

He also believes that “dwarf superpowers” will emerge, which he defines as governments with little physical land but massive cyber resources that could “paralyze the military and economic potentials of the major states” if necessary.

Other countries will act as “ecological dictatorships,” imposing consumption restrictions to safeguard the environment and producing currencies bearing Greta Thunberg’s visage.

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