Surely you’re joking! Boris retaliates as Nicola Sturgeon declares the SNP’s referendum demand “undeniable.”


Surely you’re joking! Boris retaliates as Nicola Sturgeon declares the SNP’s referendum demand “undeniable.”

As Nicola Sturgeon revealed her “undeniable” mandate for a second Scottish independence referendum, BORIS JOHNSON and his Cabinet pledged to “fight tooth and nail to show the UK is better together.”

Ms Sturgeon said her case for a second referendum had been bolstered after SNP ministers signed a “ground-breaking” power-sharing pact with the Greens on the first day of the new session of the Scottish Parliament. For the first time in the UK, the Greens will be part of a government thanks to the co-operation agreement, which has now been endorsed by both parties.

It was prompted by the need to “attempt to conduct politics differently” in order to address major concerns such as climate change, coronavirus recovery, and the impact of Brexit, according to the Scottish First Minister.

Ms Sturgeon, addressing as MSPs returned to Holyrood after the summer vacation, said a second independence referendum would be a “key strand” of the co-operation agreement, emphasizing that it would meet what she called the “democratic mandate to enable the Scottish people choose our own destiny.”

The UK Government, on the other hand, indicated today that they “would not change their minds” in refusing a second referendum so soon after the once-in-a-generation referendum in 2014, in which Scotland chose to remain in the Union.

“Scottish Government ministers must be joking if they think independence will assist Scotland’s economy recover from the pandemic,” a UK Government source stated.

“Working together to battle the pandemic and focusing on our common recovery should be the priority right now, not a second divisive referendum.

“Putting constitutional problems first is a dangerous and foolish distraction.

“When we work together as one United Kingdom, we are the most powerful.

“Our position on a second referendum has not changed, but we will battle tooth and nail to demonstrate that the United Kingdom is stronger as a whole.”

“Yet again, a divisive referendum has come first, as it always does with this government,” Douglas Ross, Scottish Conservative leader, stated.

“Once again, the SNP’s priorities are all wrong.”

When it comes to the cooperation agreement, the Tory MP and MSP described it as a “nationalist coalition with one overarching purpose – the separation of Scotland from the United Kingdom.”

“Trying to claim that this is not a coalition is quite simply a joke, even by SNP standards,” he insisted.

According to Mr. Ross, the deal had taken precedence over the program. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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