Sunny spells and sporadic showers are anticipated for the UK, according to the BBC.


Sunny spells and sporadic showers are anticipated for the UK, according to the BBC.

On Tuesday, the UK will see more uncertain weather as patches of sunlight emerge, but this will soon change as heavy rain batters western parts through the night and into Wednesday.

According to Carol Kirkwood, weather presenter for BBC News, Tuesday will be largely pleasant, remaining dry and clear for the majority of the day, with patchy showers in some regions. She did warn, though, that gale force gusts of up to 40mph are expected to hit Wales on Wednesday when a major weather front moves in from the Atlantic, bringing heavy rain and severe winds with it. More rain is expected as the country heads into Thursday, but temperatures will remain stable for the rest of the week as a zone of shifting low and high pressure keeps severe temperatures at bay.

“This week’s weather remains unsettled,” Ms Kirkwood warned.

“Sunny spells with a few scattered showers that are slow moving, heavy, and thundery in spots.

“There is a fair bit of sunshine for the rest of the UK, but don’t forget those slow moving heavy and thundery showers,” she added. “But if you are out of them, in light breezes it will feel quite pleasant.” Tuesday will see highs of 21C in Edinburgh, 21C in Birmingham, 20C in London, 19C in Belfast, and 18C in Plymouth.

She described how the weather front would gradually move east, weakening as it did so.

“A lot of dry weather to start the day, many of us seeing sunlight, with any early morning mist and fog dissipating quite quickly,” the presenter stated.

However, as we get into Wednesday evening, she warned that showers will be “developing once more” throughout the UK.

Highs of 21°C in Newcastle, 21°C in Hull, 20°C in London, 20°C in Cardiff, 19°C in Belfast, and 18°C in Plymouth are expected on Wednesday.

Low pressure is expected to arrive across much of the UK on Thursday, bringing severe winds.

She also warned that wind gusts in Wales might exceed 40 miles per hour.

“Some eastern locations could stay dry for much of the day,” the presenter added, “although cloud will thicken as rain moves in from the west.” Temperatures will drop to the on Thursday. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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