Sunak’s address at the Conservative Party conference prompts an odd remark from the delusional Corbyn.


Sunak’s address at the Conservative Party conference prompts an odd remark from the delusional Corbyn.

On the second day of the annual Conservative party conference in Manchester, former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn made a weird remark on RISHI SUNAK’S speech.

On the second day of the Conservative Party Conference, Chancellor Rishi Sunak spoke about his vision for the future, which included 2,000 AI scholarships for disadvantaged students and a £500 million extension of the ‘plan for jobs.’ His address, though, has prompted an odd Twitter dialogue. “Genuinely do not understand why no UK political party has campaigned hard against the vast money laundering and tax avoidance operations run out of the City of London, let alone the anonymous property deals that have distorted the UK property market,” Atlantic journalist Anne Applebaum said after the speech. Jeremy Corbyn chimed in with: “John challenged the power and privelege of The City of London from the day he entered Parliament, and still does!” after Labour MP John McDonnel responded by pointing to the Tax Transparency and Enforcement program he published in 2017 and further developed in 2019 under Labour’s Fair Tax Programme. From the moment he entered Parliament, John has attacked the City of London’s power and privilege, and he continues to do so today! Meanwhile, according to the most recent polling, Conservative support in the northern Red Wall is lower than it was during Theresa May’s administration in 2017.

It’s the same YouGov MRP model that properly forecast the shape of the general election results in 2017 and 2019.

According to the models, the Conservatives would lose 18 Red Wall seats to Labour, with another 14 seats too close to call. The Conservative majority would be cut in half, from 80 to 44, if 18 seats were lost.

Nadhim Zahawi expressed his desire to have T-levels “as well-known” as A-levels.

T-levels are two-year courses that combine classroom learning with on-the-job training during a minimum 315-hour industrial placement.

They were introduced in September 2020 and were created in collaboration with employers and enterprises.

Mr Zahawi stated that it is a “moral duty” for the government to assist youngsters in regaining what they lost during the Covid pandemic.

Rishi Sunak gave a speech today outlining his political vision for the country, but is he ready to be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?

The Chancellor stated that the Treasury’s plan prioritizes investments in jobs and opportunity for young people. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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