Sun shines amid torrential rain and 70mph gusts, according to the BBC. ‘Could cause some damage!’


Sun shines amid torrential rain and 70mph gusts, according to the BBC. ‘Could cause some damage!’

Matt Taylor, a BBC WEATHER presenter, has warned that Britons would encounter a mixed bag of weather, with brief bursts of sunlight sandwiched between heavy rain and severe winds.

Weatherman Matt Taylor said on BBC Breakfast that 70mph gusts are expected to hit parts of the UK, along with heavy rain in the west. On Sunday, a meteorologist informed the BBC that weather in the south-east were improving, with temperatures in line with the season. During the day, the south will most likely see the occasional shower swept in from the west coast.

Mr Taylor told the BBC’s Breakfast programme: “It will be a mix of sunshine and showers today, following yesterday’s persistent downpour.

“Showers are more common in the west, but it’s becoming windy again.”

A large region of thick cloud has accumulated in Scotland’s far north, according to the weatherman.

He stated, ” “Wind gusts of 60 to 70 mph are expected in Shetland this morning.

“That might create some damage, as well as a little interruption.”

Mr. Taylor went on to say: “Rainstorms rolled in around it, but many eastern areas got off to a dry, sunny morning.

“The cloud in East Anglia at the present, with some rain on the shore, is dissipating.

“Most of the day will be dry, but when the breeze comes up, some of those showers will be blown eastward.”

He said, ” “It will feel cool with the breeze blowing in from the southwest, especially if the showers are with you.

“However, once you’re out of it, you shouldn’t feel too horrible.

“Temperatures are forecast to be around normal for early October.

“Ranges from 11 to 17 degrees.”

“Of course, where we get the greatest winds, in the north of Scotland, it is the coolest of all.

“Later, more continuous rain will move into the Highlands.

“A few showers may persist this evening and overnight, especially across some southern and western areas.

“Temperatures have dropped into the single digits as we approach tomorrow morning.”


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