Summer isn’t ended yet in the United Kingdom! A scorching heat wave is expected to sweep the United Kingdom – see the maps.


Summer isn’t ended yet in the United Kingdom! A scorching heat wave is expected to sweep the United Kingdom – see the maps.

According to the latest projections, Britain is expected to boil this week as a heat wave sweeps the country before more rainy weather hits.

Following days of downpours and strong gusts, the UK is likely to experience a small respite from the severe rain in the coming days. Highs of 25 degrees Celsius are expected in the southern and eastern parts of the country this week, according to Annie Shuttleworth of the Met Office. “Wednesday will be mostly dry and sunny, with highs of 25C in the south-east,” she told this website.

“On Wednesday, there will be a few showers, but the far north-west will become cloudier throughout the day as a front approaches, bringing more rain overnight.

“The front will affect many northern and western areas on Thursday, while the south and east will remain warmer and dryer, with highs around 25 degrees Celsius.

“A Friday low pressure system will bring wetter and windier weather to northern regions, but temperatures in the south will likely continue warmer, sunnier, and drier, with highs of 24 degrees Celsius.”

Netweather’s newest heat maps indicate highs of 25°C in London, Kent, and Essex tomorrow, with 24°C in Hull and Doncaster.

Ian Simpson, a Netweather forecaster, warned that broad bright spells are likely in the coming days.

“On Wednesday, frontal systems will bring a belt of rain eastwards across the UK, which will be rather heavy in western Scotland but will fade as it travels further south and east, and many regions of eastern and southern England may miss out entirely,” he said.

“With some sunny spells to the east of high ground, it will be a little warmer in the east of England than Tuesday, with highs of 23 to 25C very widespread from Yorkshire southwards, but cooler again further north and west,” says the Met Office.

“Highs in western Scotland will range from 13 to 15 degrees Celsius due to overcast and rain.

“On Thursday, another band of rain will move in from the west, but it will primarily affect central and western Scotland, as well as the northwest of Northern Ireland.

“There will be a lot of cloud, but it will be warm in any sunshine in eastern England, where there will be some breaches in the cloud cover, with highs of 24 to 26C in some locations.

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