Summer has arrived in the UK, finally putting an end to the floods! Heatwave in the Azores reaches 28°C – Map


Summer has arrived in the UK, finally putting an end to the floods! Heatwave in the Azores reaches 28°C – Map

THE UK is poised to roast in sweltering 28°C temperatures by the weekend, thanks to a heatwave from the Azores, which is hitting the country just as the capital is reeling from severe flash flooding caused by heavy rain that has pounded much of the country.

On Monday evening, heavy and thundery rains flooded significant portions of London, causing congestion for commuters that lasted until Tuesday morning. However, high pressure is currently moving into the UK “from the Azores,” causing temperatures to rise in a couple of days, according to a forecaster. Netweather has predicted that the UK would be able to luxuriate in hot temperatures by the weekend, with thermometers “increasing by the day,” putting an end to the harsh circumstances.

“With high pressure moving right across the country, a run of predominantly dry bright weather is poised to take hold,” Ian Simpson, a Netweather forecaster, said of Friday and the weekend.

“Temperatures will gradually rise throughout the day, with highs ranging from 25 to 28 degrees Celsius by the weekend.

“It will be cooler around the North Sea shores, especially in eastern Scotland and northeast England, where some low cloud may come onshore at times.

“The high pressure system is expected to linger through early next week, bringing with it more hot and sunny weather.

“Thunderstorms are possible around midweek, although this is a long way off, and details are likely to change closer to the time.”

“Mostly dry with lots of sunshine for most,” the Met Office said in its forecast for Thursday to Sunday.

“Although it is generally cloudier in the far northwest, with the possibility of rain.

“It’s very hot inland, but it’s a little cooler towards the coasts.”

According to Netweather, a ridge of high pressure will move in from the west on Tuesday, breaking up some of the cloud that has been blanketing the country, particularly in the central and western sections, allowing more sunshine to get through.

As a result, scattered showers will develop, primarily in the west and southwest of Scotland, as well as the central and southern sections of England, with the potential to become heavy and thundery, but many areas will remain dry.

Despite northerly winds sweeping across the UK today, temperatures in most parts of the country have remained above average for this time of year, hitting.


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