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Sudan opposition rejects ‘military coup’


Sudanese opposition parties and trade unions on Thursday voiced their rejection of a “military coup” against President Omar al-Bashir amid reports that the latter was forced to step down by the army.

“The country’s crisis won’t be solved by a military coup,” read a joint statement released by the Sudanese Professionals Association and three opposition coalitions (Sudan Appeal, National Consensus and the Democratic Unionist Rally).

“Al-Bashir’s rule began in 1989 with a military coup, which has left domestic politics in a state of chronic crisis,” it added.

The statement goes on to assert that “the only solution to the current crisis is the handover of power to an agreed-upon civilian government”.

An ongoing sit-in outside army headquarters in Khartoum, it adds, “will continue until the revolution’s objectives are met”.

Earlier Thursday, hundreds of thousands of people flooded the streets of Khartoum — and other Sudanese cities — to express their joy following reports of al-Bashir’s resignation after 30 years in power.

According to local media reports, al-Bashir is currently under house arrest while his bodyguards have been detained.

The Sudanese army, however, has yet to release an official announcement regarding the president’s reported resignation.

* Writing by Ali Abo Rezeg

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