‘Submission to the European Union!’ France is concerned that it will be the “first casualty” of Germany’s new coalition.


‘Submission to the European Union!’ France is concerned that it will be the “first casualty” of Germany’s new coalition.

As Berlin reinforces the EU model across Europe, France looks to be concerned about becoming the “first casualty” of Germany’s new coalition government.

In a tweet, French MP Jerome Riviere, Chair of the French Delegation at the ID group, stated that France would have to surrender to the EU soon. “All political parties in Germany form a coalition with the common denominator of surrender to the liberal and non-national EU,” he stated. “Our country will be the first victim,” he added. “Quick, Europe of Nations!” The MP’s language aggressively denounced the EU’s supranational power, urging the European Union to split up into different sovereign states to rescue itself.

Since Angela Merkel’s 16-year reign came to an end in the elections, Germany has remained a relatively quiet voice.

Berlin’s voice is back on the stage, with Olaf Scholz set to lead a three-party coalition with vast plans for Germany’s transition to a green economy.

The so-called ‘traffic-light’ alliance is likely to strongly support the European Union model, particularly in regards to green measures, which sends shivers down the spines of a nuclear-armed France.

With the UK’s exit from the EU, unhappiness with the bloc is beginning to spread across Europe, with some French influencers floating the idea of a Frexit.

Since Ms Merkel stepped down from the spotlight following her party’s election defeat, Paris has assumed the ‘caretaker’ role of EU leader.

With the Germans re-emerging, though, a shift in the EU’s political nexus is expected.

The forthcoming Presidency of the bloc by France in the New Year is France’s only saving grace in this situation.

Under the new government, Germany will try to set the tone in terms of green measures.

It will be the first national three-way partnership in German history, and the first to prioritize addressing the climate emergency, which will be a priority in each of the ministries.

The parties have agreed to phase out coal by 2030, prohibit combustion engines in principle, and phase out gas power generation by 2040 as part of Germany’s objective of becoming climate neutral by 2045.

Renewable energy sources will be greatly expanded, covering 80 percent of total energy needs by 2030.

The government, on the other hand, is the most powerful. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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