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Stylist has been wearing the same dress for 22 YEARS

A green summer dress has proven to be a staple fashion piece, as a mother reveals that she’s been rocking it for over 20 years.

Claire Rees, 38, who is a stylist from Canton, Cardiff, bought a light summer dress in 1998, from the boutique Jesiré in House of Fraser, where she used to work part-time, and took advantage of the employee’s discount to snap it up or £36.

Since then, she has worn it countless times including on a girl’s holiday to Ibiza in 2001, while travelling in Italy in 2002, and on her honeymoon in Trapani, Sicily in 2014. 

The mother-of-one believes the layered green paisley print dress will never go out of fashion because it is timeless.

Claire said: ‘I bought it when I was only 17, when I used to work as a Saturday girl and I used to get 80 per cent off.

‘It’s one of my favourite dresses, I love it so much.

‘I wore it on so many holidays, when I went to Ibiza with my friends, when I went travelling in Italy with my friend, on my honeymoon and I still wear it today.

‘I love it because it’s so unusual, it’s quite flattering, it’s really easy to wear – the perfect summer dress. Even though I could wear it with a jumper over the top for winter.

‘It reminds me of summer holidays and it’s really unique.

‘I only know one other person who has it and that’s my former manager – she has one in pink.

‘It’s a really good quality and has lasted me so well. ‘

Claire who used to work as a fashion journalist, is trying to reduce her impact on the planet and stopped buying fast fashion a year ago. 

Instead she prefers charity shops, swaps and vintage shops. The mother-of-one shares her sustainable fashion purchases on Instagram under the handle @upstyleclub.

She continued: ‘I haven’t bought any fast fashion for a year now, I make a conscious effort not to.

‘I have changed the way I think about fashion completely. I wouldn’t think of buying something new on impulse like I used to.

‘I used to consume fast fashion massively but now I only use what I’ve got. Masses of clothes already exist – most of us don’t need any more.

‘I still keep an eye on fashion but I do my own take on it- I wouldn’t worry about having the latest hem line or coat shape, for example.

‘If you buy well, things like my dress are timeless.

‘I actually enjoy fashion more than I ever did and I’m happier and calmer now that I don’t feel a need to buy new clothes for the sake of it.

‘Rewearing clothes helps the planet and your pocket.

‘I believe that the most sustainable piece of clothing is the one that already exists.’ 

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