Sturgeon warns that the UK would suffer “national humiliation” as a result of its independence—”payback for Brexit”


Sturgeon warns that the UK would suffer “national humiliation” as a result of its independence—”payback for Brexit”

EU diplomats reportedly informed NICOLA STURGEON that a successful independence attempt would result in “national humiliation” for the UK, adding that it would be “payback for Brexit.”

Following her fourth consecutive victory in the Scottish Parliament election, the Scottish First Minister has made it clear to Prime Minister Boris Johnson that she intends to have a second vote. She claimed it was “the country’s will” and warned Mr Johnson against “against the democratic desires of the Scottish people.” However, if the SNP’s leader is elected, the United Kingdom could face “national disgrace,” according to EU diplomats.

When asked what impact Scotland leaving the Union would have on the UK’s soft power, Dr Kirsty Hughes, Director of the Scottish Centre for European Relations, stated it would be a “great shock to the rest of the UK.”

“With or without Wales and Northern Ireland, England is a vast country, and its soft power will continue to exist,” she continued.

“It will have to reconsider its own character and what that means for projecting soft power around the world.

“From the outside, the rest of the United Kingdom would be viewed very differently.

“According to diplomats and others in the European Union (EU), the disintegration of the United Kingdom would be a national humiliation, and some have told me it would be retaliation for the Brexit vote.

“Others are shocked and perplexed by what they see to be Brexit’s self-harm, and the thought of this old state breaking up would confirm their belief that the UK is in chaos.”

Philip Rycroft, the former Permanent Secretary of the UK Department for Exiting the EU, warned the consequences would be felt “all over the world.”

“The loss of part of its territory, albeit through a democratic process, would be observed around the world, and most people would understandably assume that it would represent a decrease of the residual UK’s capacity to project its interests,” he added in May.

“Scotland has traditionally played a larger role in the international projection of the United Kingdom’s image than its population size would suggest.

“It has a significant cultural impact on the United Kingdom, and Scottish products are an important part of that.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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