Sturgeon: SNP shoot themselves in foot – ‘Boris would be a numpty’ to allow IndyRef.


Sturgeon: SNP shoot themselves in foot – ‘Boris would be a numpty’ to allow IndyRef.

Boris Johnson would be a “numpty” to let Scotland go, according to SNP MP Michelle Thomson, who also agreed that an independence referendum by 2023 is implausible.

The news comes as protests take place outside Nicola Sturgeon’s residence following months of chaos as campaigners from SLEF, the RMT, TSSA, and Unite have all been in dispute with Abellio over pay and a failure by the company to recognise the huge contribution rail staff have made during the coronavirus pandemic. The four organizations have given Nicola Sturgeon six months to preserve ScotRail.

The union is now urging the government to oppose a plan that would eliminate nearly 100,000 services per year, or 300 each day.

The four unions declared in a single statement that they are in a “unique scenario” due to Abellio’s “shambolic administration.”

Concerns have also been expressed concerning a paper commissioned by Professor Iain Docherty, which has clauses about reducing services, jobs, and ticket services.

The SNP has defended their decision to introduce vaccines passports despite a legal challenge being levelled against them.

A Scottish Government spokeswoman said: “We want to keep businesses open and trading over what may be one of the most difficult winter periods in history.

“Vaccine certification is in use in many countries, often with a much wider scope than planned in Scotland, and we believe they are an essential and proportionate measure to reduce the risk posed by coronavirus.

“On the deployment of the certification process, we are working closely with stakeholders.

“Further information will be released soon.”

“With Cop26 just weeks away, it defies belief that the Scottish Government is happy to preside over substantial cuts to rail services, despite rail being a sustainable and low-carbon mode of transport,” said Tory MSP Graham Simpson.

“This will not help Scotland become a net-zero nation.”

“These cuts are just unacceptable to us.

“My concern is that if ScotRail is nationalized, they will simply stay, and things will deteriorate further.”

Labour transport spokesman Neil Bibby has claimed that industrial relations on Scotland’s railways were “at an all time low” and has demanded minister intervention to prevent an embarrassment at COP26.

Hitting out at reductions in rail services following the pandemic, Mr Bibby said recent proposals would see 300 services a day cut.

Mr Bibby added: “Greener government is impossible.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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