Sturgeon mocked: Scots should not have a referendum on independence, according to a poll.


Sturgeon mocked: Scots should not have a referendum on independence, according to a poll.

According to a poll, Scots do not want an independence referendum. Sturgeon criticized this.

MICHAEL GOVE, who is backed by the Conservative Party, believes that now is not the right time for Scotland to declare independence.

Nicola Sturgeon has pounded home the need for a Scottish referendum vote since the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union against the will of the majority of Scottish people. However, in an interview with the Mail on Sunday, Michael Gove indicated that this is not the right “moment” for a Scottish independence referendum, and that one will not be called until there is “clearly a settled will in support of a referendum” among the British people.

Mr Gove’s remark is certain to enrage SNP members, as it means that a Scottish referendum will not be held as long as the English, Welsh, and Northern Irish make up a majority of people opposed to it – regardless of how loud the Scottish scream.

A majority of voters (82.7 percent) said a Scottish referendum should not be called, according to a poll of 9,050 people taken between 5.30 p.m. on August 1 and 12 p.m. on August 3.

Only 50 people (0.5%) were unsure, whereas a smaller but considerable number of votes (16.8%) felt a referendum should be held.

One reader supported Scottish independence, but not for the reasons advocated by Nicola Sturgeon. “Just let them go, they’re a financial burden!” they replied. “If Sturgeon’s SNP is so committed to independence, they should refuse all central subsidies (funded by British taxpayers) and show that they can live without the remaining UK nations,” Helmckie stated.

One reader said, “Then they’d have full legal rights to establish their independence once and for all.” “Let them all vote, and if they vote for independence, then let them go on and achieve it.”


According to Yougov polling conducted in April of this year, 46% of non-Scottish people in the UK oppose a Scottish referendum, while 29% feel one should be held and 25% are uncertain.

People from the south of England, as well as the north and Wales, outside of London. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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