Sturgeon is losing control as Scots lash out at the “SNP extremists” in charge of the disaster.


Sturgeon is losing control as Scots lash out at the “SNP extremists” in charge of the disaster.

NICOLA STURGEON is facing a dilemma after Scots slammed the “SNP zealots” who presided over the botched coronavirus pandemic response.

Throughout the epidemic, Ms Sturgeon has been chastised for putting a second referendum on Scottish independence ahead of the virus’s recovery. A referendum could be held by the end of 2023, according to the Scottish First Minister, “assuming the Covid situation has passed.”

Ms. Sturgeon is now facing further criticism after an increase in coronavirus cases in Scotland, which made the country the coronavirus capital of Europe by the end of June.

Dundee and Aberdeen were the two worst-affected areas in the UK, according to data from the Zoe app between June 11 and 28.

Scotland became the worst-affected region in the UK in early July, with 317 illnesses per 100,000 people.

The English rate of 148 per 100,000 persons was more than doubled.

One reader, David Millar, lambasted Ms. Sturgeon and the SNP in a letter to The Scotsman, accusing them of blaming the UK government for the spread of the more infectious Delta variety.

“What SNP zealots are capable of doing, and this is the real skill in the coaching team – after a bad result, last summer we were almost Covid-free, now the capital of Europe, blame the UK Government on the Indian variant spread, blame the UK Government on the Indian variant spread,” Mr Millar wrote.

“All they see is their version of the good game, the prize on the pedestal – Indyref2,” says the author.

“The sheer brass neck of this party and its followers to eliminate the shambles they have presided over, in their perspective with impunity, is nothing short of incredible.”

Ms. Sturgeon’s health minister indicated that the increase in new cases was partially due to Scotland’s upcoming Euro 2020 match against England.

In Scotland, nearly 2,000 additional cases have been connected to persons watching football matches.

People who traveled to London for Scotland’s match against England on June 18 accounted for around two-thirds of the 1,991 cases.

While Ms Sturgeon’s health minister tried to blame Euro 2020, experts warned that the underlying issue could be closer to home.

“If you had your time back or a crystal ball, you would not have planned big events,” said Lecturer Linda Bauld, a public health professor at the University of Edinburgh.

“However, while football has contributed to the increase in cases, it is not the cause.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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