Sturgeon has been accused of making “false promises” and putting IndyRef2 ahead of recovery.


Sturgeon has been accused of making “false promises” and putting IndyRef2 ahead of recovery.

NICOLA STURGEON has been accused of making “false promises” in relation to a pledge to rebuild Scotland after the coronavirus outbreak.

The Scottish Conservatives have accused the First Minister of violating a huge number of pledges she made to voters in May by focussing on secession from the UK as she approaches her 100th day in office since the 2021 Holyrood election.

A refusal to publish an NHS recovery plan, which the SNP stated would include a 10% increase in inpatient, day-case, and outpatient activities, is among the 13 pledges.

Ms Sturgeon’s promises, according to Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross, are now “in tatters for everyone to see.” The Moray MP said today: “Once again, all they can do is try to spin their way out of it.”

“You’ll hear Nicola Sturgeon declare that independence is ‘vital’ to Scotland’s recovery and that we won’t be able to get back on our feet without it.

“It’s a last-ditch effort from a floundering Nationalist campaign.

“Their fixation with holding another referendum is precisely why they have failed to address the serious problems they have caused over the last 14 years.

“Distraction gets in the way of delivery.” The party has also promised to initiate an investigation into the coronavirus outbreak as soon as possible, although this has yet to materialize.

It is also stated that the SNP-led Scottish Government is not on track to vaccinate all adults within their first 100 days despite promising to complete “the immunization of all people, subject to supply.”

According to the latest government statistics, only 73.8 percent of the population has received two doses of the vaccination.

According to Scottish Conservative calculations, Ministers would miss the 12 September target by nearly 500,000 doses if the present daily pace of roughly 17,000 doses continues.

The SNP also promised to “begin the planning for the provision of tablets and computers to all schoolchildren,” but no further movement on this vow has been confirmed.

The First Minister’s 100-day plan, according to Annie Wells MSP, Scottish Conservative health spokesman, “seems like another set of failed promises in the making.”

“It’s apparent the SNP are way off track on delivering the pledges in their 100-days document,” she continued.

“Once again, there is a huge disconnect between what the SNP claims and what they actually do. They simply do not follow through.

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