‘Student get-together! According to a firefighter, Labour “mocks and sneers” working-class neighborhoods.


‘Student get-together! According to a firefighter, Labour “mocks and sneers” working-class neighborhoods.

Paul Embery, a firefighter and trade unionist, slammed his old party, ripping on everything that has gone wrong within the Labour Party in recent years as people have shifted to the Conservatives.

On Saturday, Mr Embery spoke to GB News’ Nigel Farage and Conservative MP Dehenna Davison about how fundamental topics like Brexit, British patriotism, and working-class priorities are central to why Labour has lost “millions” of people to other parties. His remarks come after a Sunday story in the Observer newspaper revealed that Deborah Mattinson, Labour leader Keir Starmer’s new director of strategy, issued a dire warning that millions of voters who the party needs to reclaim power have no idea what the party stands for or how it would improve their lives.

“In recent years, the Labour Party has increasingly become a party of social activists, student radicals, and middle class liberals living in fashionable cities in university towns,” Mr Embery explained, adding that those people “have always been around” and that their presence has “delivered a lot” in terms of “intellectual input.”

“The partnership that held the Labour Party together was its blue collar base and the white collar,” the firefighter said.

“It was Hampstead but also Hartlepool, but the collar base was always the major element of that,” he said, adding that Labour’s vision and values had evolved dramatically over the last 30 years.

“The Labour Party has gradually moved away from Blue Collar Britain; it does not share their priorities and values,” he explained.

He went on to add that Brexit “totally baffled” the current Labour Party and sparked an exodus of longtime, devoted voters.

“About 60 percent of Labour constituencies voted Leave,” Me Embery remarked.

“And these were individuals who were always tribally Labour but nonetheless patriotic, they didn’t particularly like the EU,” the trade unionist explained, noting that the Labour Party initially stated that they would “respect” the decision, but that this posture altered as the party spiraled.

“What has compounded Labour’s difficulties is just seeking to overturn that referendum result,” he said.

“We began by stating, ‘We will respect it.’” Brinkwire Summary News.


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