STUCK ON BIG BEN: A farce as the hands on the iconic London landmark are seen jammed at 12 o’clock.


STUCK ON BIG BEN: A farce as the hands on the iconic London landmark are seen jammed at 12 o’clock.

BIG BEN’S iconic clock face has left Britons perplexed, with one of its four dials showing the incorrect time.

On New Year’s Eve, the iconic clock tower chimed for the first time in four years, with all four of its recently restored faces visible.

However, one of the four faces was jammed, as evidenced by photographs taken on Friday.

The hands are stuck at 12 o’clock on the west dial, which faces Parliament Square and St James’ Park.

It has been put on hold to prevent any damage to the hands or mechanism while the repairs are being completed.

For weeks, the north dial, which faces Whitehall and Central London, and the south dial, which faces Victoria Tower and Millbank, have both displayed the correct time.

On New Year’s Eve, the east dial was lit up to ring in the year 2022.

After being scheduled to be completed in 2021, restorations on the iconic clock tower are expected to be completed this year.

“The Elizabeth Tower conservation project is due to finish in the second quarter of 2022, and Parliament has revealed a number of important milestones that are expected on the project over the next twelve months,” the UK Parliament authorities said in a statement.

“These include the removal of additional scaffolding, the re-installation of the Great Clock, and the reinstatement of Big Ben’s world-famous chimes.”

“The clock hands, now resplendent in their original Victorian color scheme, will be added to the clock dials after years of painstaking conservation work, with the restored mechanism returning to the Tower later this year.”

Those who were listening to Big Ben’s New Year’s chimes noted that the sounds were different from usual because a temporary mechanism was used.

“It’s iconic – it’s probably the world’s most famous clock,” Ian Westworth, one of Parliament’s clock mechanics, told MyLondon. “To have had our hands on every single nut and bolt is a huge privilege.”

“When it’s all said and done, it’ll be quite emotional – sadness that the project is over, but happiness that we’ve gotten it back and everything is working again.”


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