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Streatham terror attack: ISIS claims responsibility for horrific daylight knife rampage

ISIS has claimed responsibility for yesterday’s terror incident in Streatham in which three people were attacked with a knife.

On Sunday afternoon, a former terror convict went on the rampage in London, seriously injuring three people with a knife. Sudesh Amman, aged 20, from Harrow, was wearing a fake suicide vest when he attacked three innocent bystanders in the capital.

The terror network ISIS has now claimed responsibility for the incident.

Writing on its official propaganda outlet this morning, Islamic State described Amman as a “soldier” and praised his actions.

The Daily Express understands Amman had been released from prison just days before yesterday’s attack after serving a conviction for terror-related offences.

In December 2018 he was jailed for three years and four months for 13 terror offences.

However, just one year into his sentence he was released from prison and was under close police surveillance.

Writing on their Amaq propaganda channel, the terror network wrote: “The operation was carried out by one of the #Daesh soldiers in response to our calls to target citizens of countries belonging to the international coalition”

The statement is generic in its form and it remains unknown whether Amman made contact with ISIS prior to carrying out yesterday’s attack.

However, Amman has previously praised Islamic State and shared an online al Qaeda magazine.

He also encouraged his girlfriend to behead her parents.

Yesterday, the former terror convict left one person in a “life-threatening condition” and two others seriously injured following the knife rampage.

Just minutes after the machete-wielding terrorist started his attack, he was shot dead by police.

Swarms of armed officers jumped out of a police van and levelled their guns at Amman.

Upon seeing he was wearing what appeared to be a suicide vest, the attacker was the shot.

Vowing a crackdown on terror, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said “fundamental changes” would be made to the way the UK deals with convicted extremists.

In a statement issued yesterday, the Conservative leader said: “I want to pay tribute to the speed and bravery of the police who responded and confronted the attacker – preventing further injuries and violence – and all of the emergency services who came to the aid of others.

“Following the awful events at Fishmonger’s Hall in December, we have moved quickly to introduce a package of measures to strengthen every element of our response to terrorism – including longer prison sentences and more money for the police.

“Tomorrow, we will announce further plans for fundamental changes to the system for dealing with those convicted of terrorism offences.”

Justice Secretary Robert Buckland is set to address MPs in the House of Commons this afternoon.

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