“Strangulation is not an accident,” Dog the Bounty Hunter says, and he’s back in Florida looking for Brian Laundrie.


DOG the Bounty Hunter said the release of Gabby Petito’s cause of death in an autopsy report yesterday “doesn’t look good” for her fiance Brian Laundrie because “strangulation is not an accident.”

The reality TV investigator made the remarks in an interview with WFLA on Tuesday evening just hours after the autopsy was released by Teton County Coroner Dr. Brent Blue.

“The corner’s report is not good for the entire Laundrie family. Brian’s only chance is to turn himself in – he cannot run forever,” Dog said.

“The Laundrie’s have stonewalled Gabby’s family because they knew what Brian had done. And it looks like they helped him run.

“And now it seems like, based on the [autopsy]report and coupled with their behavior, that they have most likely aided and abetted a murderer.

“Strangulation is not an accident,” he continued. “Right now it looks very bad for the Laundrie family.”

Dog then urged Brian to “make a deal” with investigators and “turn yourself in now.”

He previously told The Sun that Brian running from police makes him “look guilty”, adding that Laundrie’s parents “need to be doing more to signal Brian to stop running.”

“I can’t fathom how Brian’s parents can live with themselves,” Dog added.

Real name Duane Chapman, Dog announced on Monday that he had hurt his ankle while searching for Laundrie in Florida’s Fort De Soto Park.

While it was initially reported he had ended his search as a result, a spokesperson clarified that he isn’t “giving up” the hunt.

“Dog and Francie Chapman need to attend to a variety of matters at home in Colorado, including Dog’s ankle injury which occurred during the search,” the spokesperson said.

Doug’s daughter Lyssa Chapman is managing “logistics” and researching leads from Hawaii, while Greg Zecca does the same from Colorado.

“Dog and the team will continue to search until Brian Laundrie is found,” the spokesperson added.

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Laundrie, 23, has been missing since at least September 13 – six days before Gabby’s decomposed remains were found at a campsite near Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

Her manner of death was confirmed to be a homicide days later, but officials withheld her cause of death for a month while officials were “exacting” in their examination of the details, Blue said on Tuesday.

Blue confirmed that Gabby had died by strangulation and said that her body had been in the Wyoming wilderness for three to four weeks before it was found.

He also confirmed that Gabby was not pregnant at the time of her death, but said officials were unable to release a… Brinkwire Brief News.


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