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Stranger hailed ‘hero’ after letting homeschooling mum take the last bottle of pink gin at Aldi 

A kind stranger has been heralded as a hero by parents for letting a tired home-schooling mum take the last bottle of gin at Aldi. 

The customer shopping at an Aldi store in Melbourne, which is under Stage Four lockdown and suffering from supply shortages of some products in supermarkets, said she and another shopper spied the final bottle of the popular spirit at exactly the same time.  

‘I went to Aldi today. There was ONE bottle of Gordon’s pink gin left on the shelf,’ the shopper recounted on Reddit. 

‘I reached for it the same time as another lady. She looked at me with a pained expression and said “Please. I’m homeschooling”. I let her take it.’

It wasn’t long before her post attracted thousands of comments from strangers, many of whom described her as a ‘hero’ for the times. 

‘Order of Australia material right here!’ one commenter wrote.

‘As a home-schooling mother, who loves her gin, I salute you! Your kindness shall go down in history!’ another parent added.

Clearly not expecting such a huge reaction, the shopper later edited her post to thank others for their kind words.

‘I thought I’d get an amused chuckle from a few of you and this would disappear,’ she wrote.

‘Thank you for the kind comments, awards and solidarity. We Mums have to stick together in these difficult times and share the gin!’

This isn’t the first random act of kindness to have gone viral in Australia during the pandemic, either. 

Others have left notes in their local Woolworths, Aldi and Coles supermarkets to thank the shelf stackers, checkout workers and employees for their hard work amid the coronavirus outbreak.

One was shared from Ballarat in Victoria in April and read ‘Dear staff. Thank you for all you’re doing to keep your community stocked with essentials! You’re doing a fantastic job! We appreciate your hard work! Thank you’. 

Another note from Victoria highlighted people’s appreciation despite the fact that the workers ‘also have to deal with some people’s fears, angers and panic’.

Supermarkets have been over-run in recent weeks, particularly in Melbourne and Victoria, where tough new restrictions prevent Victorians from going more than 5km from their home.

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