Storm Fleur could be named THIS WEEK, according to the Met Office, as the UK is expected to be hit by high winds.


Storm Fleur could be named THIS WEEK, according to the Met Office, as the UK is expected to be hit by high winds.

According to rumors, STORM FLEUR could be named as the next UK storm this week. The most recent weather forecasts, maps, and charts may be found here.

Last week, Storm Evert wreaked havoc on the United Kingdom. Storm Evert brought powerful winds and heavy rain to the southwestern United States, with the system wreaking havoc on the region. Storm Fleur is this season’s next storm name, and according to recent sources, the Met Office may call a low-pressure system Storm Fleur later this week.

According to estimates, a 400-mile-wide Atlantic system with 60-mph gusts could hit areas of the UK starting Thursday.

“Is the next named storm coming?” Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna asked the Mirror. There’s a chance it’ll happen, thanks to a deep area of low pressure that’ll turn wet and windy again around Thursday.

“Forecast models show a continuation of our cool and changeable pattern for the next 10 to 14 days, but there are hopeful signals for a warmer high pressure system to follow.” Windy wind gust forecast maps reveal severe winds are expected to hit several parts of the UK later this week.

Wind gusts of up to 40 mph are expected in several locations, including southwest England and parts of Wales, according to the chart.

Heavy rain is also expected to fall in several parts of the country later this week, according to weather maps.

Up to 36mm of rain might occur over northwest England in the 24 hours leading up to Friday afternoon, according to WXCHARTS 24-hour accumulated precipitation maps.

According to the graphic, other portions of northern England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland might receive high rainfall accumulations later this week as well.

Eastern Scotland, in particular, could expect high rainfall totals on Friday, according to the Met Office.

“With a low pressure system moving in from the Atlantic, the #weather will become more generally unsettled from mid-week onward,” the meteorological agency warned.

“Many of us will witness #rain outbreaks by the end of the week, with the possibility for heavy totals in parts of eastern Scotland on Friday.”

In general, the Met Office outlook for Wednesday to Friday indicates that the UK will see unstable weather.

“Continued unsettled and frequently very cold with additional showers and some longer spells of rain, some of which are likely to be.”Brinkwire Summary News”, according to the Met Office prediction.


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