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Storm Ciara path update: THIS is how bad storm will be near YOU – latest warnings

STORM CIARA is on track to blast the UK, and a number of “danger to life” weather warnings have been issued. Here are the latest Met Office weather warnings, forecasts and maps.

The third named storm of the Atlantic 2019/20 season arrived in the UK yesterday. Storm Ciara is expected to bring strong winds and heavy rainfall, with Met Office weather warnings in place across the country. 

What is the forecast for Storm Ciara?

The Met Office tweeted a satellite image of Storm Ciara at around 4pm GMT.

The image showed Storm Ciara on course to hit the UK, with the Met Office tweeting: “The latest satellite picture shows the current position of Storm Ciara as it develops in the Atlantic before reaching the UK overnight.”

Storm Ciara is expected to lash the UK with severe winds before it continues its course towards Scandinavia. 

Met Office chief meteorologist Frank Saunders said earlier this week “gusts of 50-60mph are expected” across inland areas. 

However “even stronger gusts of 80mph or higher” could also be possible along coastal regions of the UK. 

Along with strong winds, Ciara is also expected to bring heavy rainfall.

Forecasters are warning of a possible month’s worth of rainfall in one day, with parts of the UK expected to see up to 100mm of rainfall on Sunday.

A Met Office spokesperson told the Telegraph: “We are right in the firing line. Every part of the UK will feel the force of it.

“Potentially a month’s worth of rainfall could fall over north Wales and north west England.

“The average rainfall for February is 97mm whereas the warning shows between 50 and 70mm widely with as much as 100mm.”

Where are the Met Office weather warnings?

The Met Office has issued multiple yellow and amber weather warnings for the UK over the next four days.

On Saturday 8 alone, the Met Office has issued a number of yellow wind and rain warnings.

A widespread warning for wind was issued between 12pm until 11.59pm yesterday, affecting parts of northern Wales and northern England, and the entirety of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Additionally a yellow warning for rain has been issued across Northern Ireland, between 3pm until 12pm on Sunday.

Another yellow rain warning was in place between 9pm Saturday and 12pm on Sunday, reaching from Kelso to Dumfries in Scotland.

Although the weather was severe yesterday, Sunday looks to be much worse, with amber warnings issued for swathes of the country.

The UK as a whole is under a yellow wind warning from midnight until 11.59pm on Sunday.

An amber warning for wind also extends to include central England, the southwest, East Anglia, the Midlands and Wales.

Much of northern England is also affected by the warning.

The amber warning is in place between 8am and 9pm, with the Met Office warning Ciara will bring “a spell of very strong winds”.

The Met Office also warn of “flying debris” and “large waves and beach material” which could potentially be a “danger to life”.

Travel disruption is also to be expected, with road, rail, ferry and air travel expected to be affected. 

A number of rail networks have already announced reduced timetables, and there have been many reported delays today.

An additional amber warning for rain has recently been issued for a small region of Scotland, affecting Jedburgh, Melrose and Kelso, between 2am and 10am on Sunday.

On Sunday additional yellow warnings for rain have also been put in place.

A rain warning for northern England, affecting the cities of Lancaster, Carlisle and Leeds, has been issued between midnight and 6pm.


A yellow rain warning stretching from Cardiff to St Asaph has also been issued between midnight and 6pm.

On Monday some parts of the UK are forecast to see heavy snow, which could be problematic when combined with high winds.

A yellow wind and snow warning has been issued for much of Scotland and Northern Ireland between midnight on Monday until 11.59pm on Tuesday.

The Met Office warn “heavy snow and strong winds will combine”, causing disruption to travel.

A yellow wind warning is in place between 10am and 7pm on Monday over the southwest, which also stretches along the southern coastal areas.

What is the forecast for Storm Ciara?

Where are the Met Office weather warnings?

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