‘Storage Wars’ Star Darrell Sheets Requires Surgical procedure After Coronary heart Assault

“Storage Wars” star Darrell Sheets has been hospitalized after suffering a mild heart attack. The reality star shared the news on social media on Tuesday alongside a photo of him in a hospital bed while accompanied by his wife, Romney.

Sheets, 60, captioned the photo, “Well here we go I wasn’t going to say anything, but you all have been the greatest friends and fans. I’ve been very sick for 3 months and two nights ago I had a mild heart attack, found out I have congestive heart failure and a severe issue going on with my lungs.”

He continued, writing, “…all your prayers would be deeply appreciated thank you for being there for me it’s been a great ride #storagewars #Romney has been by my side through all of this she is a good women and I love her.”

Sheets is known as “the gambler” on the popular A&E reality show, which focuses on finding treasures amid abandoned storage lockers. He noted that he would have to have surgery due to his health complication.