‘Stop watering down Brexit!’ The majority of people do not believe Boris will still be Prime Minister by the end of 2022.


‘Stop watering down Brexit!’ The majority of people do not believe Boris will still be Prime Minister by the end of 2022.

This website asked readers if they believe Boris Johnson will be Prime Minister by the end of 2022, and the majority said no.

The Prime Minister’s popularity has plummeted in the Conservative Home poll, with Tory members giving him a satisfaction rating of -33.8, making him the least popular politician in the cabinet.

A majority of 55 percent of voters predicted Boris Johnson would not be Prime Minister by the end of the year in a poll of 2,552 This website readers conducted from January 4 to 6.

“Boris is causing permanent damage to the Tory party,” said voter Toby B.

Last year, he should’ve been kicked out!”

Mr Johnson’s handling of Brexit, according to many readers, is the primary reason for his declining popularity.

“He can very simply turn things around by… stopping the watering down of the Brexit we voted for,” one reader wrote.

“It’s all Johnson’s doing,” said another.

When we are still bound by the European Court of Human Rights, Brexit is no longer Brexit.

He is aware of it, as is everyone else, and he is in command.

“Remove this failure from your life.”

Other Britons believe Mr Johnson is mishandling a slew of issues.

“The Tories have been finished by the betrayal of 8.5 million pensioners with the triple lock.

“Illegal immigration, fishing waters, and the Northern Ireland protocol ensure that the Conservatives are not only defeated, but wiped out at the next election.”

Despite the recent Christmas party scandals and the Owen Paterson corruption scandal, the Prime Minister continues to enjoy widespread support, with 45 percent of our voters predicting that he will remain in office until at least 2023.

“Top man is Boris, great Prime Minister,” one website reader, Dave Norman, said.

“In today’s world, it’s a very difficult job.”

December marks the Prime Minister’s second month in the negative in the Conservative Home league tables, following a score of -17.2 in November.

In fact, since May, Mr Johnson has not been among the top half of the cabinet’s “most satisfactory members.”

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, on the other hand, has been the most effective member of the Cabinet for a staggering 13 months.

Members of the Conservative Party had given Ms.

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