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Stimulus check ‘won’t be sent for at least 12 DAYS’ because ‘top Trump official is out of office for the week’

STIMULUS checks “won’t be sent for at least 12 DAYS” because a top Trump official is reportedly out of office for the week.

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows is out of office this week, meaning that a coronavirus package likely will not come until next week when he returns, Politico reported.

The President’s top aide is out, as Democrat and Republican senators continue to try and negotiate the details of another package.

With Meadows not in, it’s likely a deal – including stimulus checks – would not be made until next week.

A deal must be made with Democrats and Republicans, and signed off by President Trump – but with his top aide out, that likely won’t come with Meadows gone, Polito reported.

Additionally, the White House “feels confident they have the upper hand,” after President Trump signed executive actions granting a $400 bump in unemployment over the weekend, according to Politico.

There was hope stimulus checks could be delivered in less than a week, as coronavirus cases in the US continue to climb and millions of Americans are unemployed.

Once a deal is reached, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has said he would start printing checks almost immediately.

Last week, Democrats proposed a $2trillion emergency coronavirus package deal – but it was rejected by the White House.

Following the denied stimulus deal, Mnuchin said that the Trump administration is willing to “spend what it needs to spend” and continue negotiations with Democrats.

The Democrat-backed $3.4trillion HEROES Act was passed in the House in May, and Republicans in late July revealed their own $1trillion stimulus package.

The two sides have since been working to come to an agreement on details of another stimulus.

Part of the deal will likely include $1,200 checks for individual Americans.

It’s yet to be worked out, however, exactly how that will look – and things like how much would be given for children or what the household cap would be.

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