Steve! As a student at St Andrews, William used a cunning alias to maintain his anonymity.


Steve! As a student at St Andrews, William used a cunning alias to maintain his anonymity.

PRINCE By using a different name at university, William was able to remain anonymous.

In 2001, after finishing his A-levels, the Duke of Cambridge enrolled in St Andrews University as an undergraduate. By doing so, he broke a 150-year Royal Family tradition of members of the Royal Family attending either Oxford or Cambridge universities. He began his studies with Art History before moving to Geography and earning a Scottish Master of Arts in 2005.

William, according to all accounts, wanted to blend in with the crowd and avoid drawing notice to his royal status.

As a result, he allegedly opted to go by the name “Steve” in order to hide his blue blood ancestry.

William and Kate got romantically attached while studying at St. Andrews.

However, the pair met by chance many years ago while both were still in school.

William was a student at Ludgrove School at the time, while Kate attended St Andrew’s Preparatory School.

Katie Nicholl chronicles the first time the two future lovers saw each other in her book “Kate: The Future Queen.”

“Although she wasn’t particularly fond of lads, the entrance of one specific young man had captured her attention,” she writes.

“When Prince William, a left back for the Ludgrove Colts team, came to St. Andrew’s to play a hockey game when he was nine years old, there was a lot of enthusiasm.

“William, like Kate, was a sports fanatic who was a top hockey and rugby player in his class.

“Of course, the prince’s entrance sparked a frenzy of excitement.”

In their 2010 engagement interview, Kate revealed that meeting and becoming friends took some time.

After William visited a charity student fashion show in 2002, where Kate was one of the models, the flames of desire were finally kindled.


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