Stephen ‘Sizzlin’ Steve’ Kish, a former CBBC broadcaster, was spared jail time for having a stockpile of severe animal pornography.


Stephen ‘Sizzlin’ Steve’ Kish, a former CBBC broadcaster, was spared jail time for having a stockpile of severe animal pornography.

After a court informed him he betrayed his faithful fans, an ex-CBBC broadcaster who had disgusting animal porn on his phone and laptop was spared prison.

After confessing to possessing violent animal pornography, TV host Stephen Kish, 32, was sentenced to six months in prison, suspended for two years.

For the next five years, he was prohibited from having any interaction with dogs.

Judge David Rennie told Kish that he couldn’t argue his behavior was out of character because it had been going on for years.

The court heard that the photographs and films on his devices would be repulsive to regular people.

“It’s not just the law,” Judge Rennie stated, “there’s always the risk of animals being damaged by what is done to them or what they are forced to perform.”

“It appears to me that your thoughts and certain aspects of your behavior are disturbed.”

“You used to have your own TV show, and yours was a well-known face on CBBC for a long time.”

“This has been taken from you, and you may never be able to reclaim it.”

“What a dramatic and, I believe, self-inflicted collapse.

“Many people will feel deceived who have loved watching your program and working with you.”

Kish was then labeled as unemployable by the judge.

Kish only spoke to prove his identity and that he had comprehended his sentencing.

When he was a host on the CBBC show Officially Amazing, Kish was known as Sizzlin’ Steve, and he sobbed in the dock before admitting to having animal porn at an earlier hearing.

When police investigated his home in September 2018, they discovered three highly disgusting moving photos on his phone and three additional still images on his computer showing a person having sex with an animal.

After inspecting his phone and laptops, police grabbed Molly, the family dog.

According to the court, admitting the crimes had a devastating effect on the former children’s television personality from Hove.

“This is a very big fall from grace for this man,” defense attorney Richard Barton said.

“Clearly, he will never be employed on television in his previous capacity.”

“He will never work as a dog walker again.”

Kish, who lives with his parents at home, is awaiting a diagnosis of autism, according to the court.

Kish had been running a dog walking and boarding business called Tails of Love, according to Amanda Hamilton for the prosecution in Lewes Crown Court in Brighton.

“On the first day of the trial in August, he pleaded guilty to one count.

“There are three moving images and three stationary images,” says the narrator.

When the films were discovered on his phone and the still photographs were discovered on his computer,… Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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