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Steak restaurant boss mocks coeliac customer in scathing Tripadvisor rant – & says too busy for her ‘whims and demands’

A RESTAURANT boss has refused to apologise after mocking a coeliac customer in a scathing Tripadvisor rant. 

Giuseppe Zammuto said he was too busy to deal with the “whims and demands” of Natasha Tunmore after she left a one star review for his restaurant online.

Natasha, 31, slammed Zammuto Steak and Grill House in Doncaster, Yorks, after staff at the restaurant were allegedly flippant about her coeliac disease.

She said the waiters claimed they were “too busy” to check if items contained gluten and only did so when she complained how “uncomfortable” they were making her.

Responding to Natasha’s comments, Giuseppe Zammuto wrote: “I’m sorry we couldn’t cater to your whims and demands during this busy period but unfortunately we had over 160 other customers we had to serve and cook for.

“[…] I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy your evening but if you let us know the next time you are coming and I will get the red carpet out for you and assign you your own waiter and chef.

“I’m sure the [£]5.75 you paid for your 10oz fillet steak will cover the costs.”

Natasha from Doncaster said that when she asked a waiter about some of her menu choices, he told her he was “too busy to check with a chef,” telling her should “eat the food at her own risk”.

She said: “I contacted the restaurant in advance to check that they are able to cater for this before booking. I was advised that this would be okay.

“When the waiter came back to clear the starters he again made a point of telling me that he had asked the chef about my food and he too had said they are too busy for this and that I should eat my food at my own risk.

“I felt embarrassed and awkward throughout the meal. My friends asked if I wanted to leave. I did not want to ruin their night too so we stayed.”

Giuseppe, who had been working as a chef on the evening in question, initially apologised for his remarks.

He said: “I shouldn’t have written it. I admit it. I made a mistake, I was angry.

“I was getting bombarded with questions about what sauces do we do, can she have this, can she have that? It wasn’t one waiter, it was about three in total.”

But the next day he retracted his apology, adding: “In a nutshell the lady in question didn’t care about the other diners but was selfish in her actions regardless of whether she was a coeliac or not.

“You asked me yesterday whether I was sorry to the lady and I said yes because of all the vile statements I’ve been getting.

“But I would like to retract my apology as I realise now after reviewing all the information that we didn’t do anything wrong and we did the best and correct thing under the conditions we were in. We in no way alienated her because she was a coeliac.”

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