Statistics indicate a battleground where Labour ALWAYS comes out on top in UK election polls.


Statistics indicate a battleground where Labour ALWAYS comes out on top in UK election polls.

ELECTIONS IN THE UK GIVE Britons the option of voting for one of numerous political parties, but they always come down to a two-horse contest between Labour and the Conservatives. While the Conservatives have always won the majority vote, new statistics show that there is one area where Labour has never surrendered ground.

In the United Kingdom, election surveys have traditionally revealed a Conservative advantage over the Labour Party. Since the 19th century, Tory governments have commanded popular support and ruled the United Kingdom for decades at a time. While Labour has battled to win power from the Conservatives, there is one area where the party has never bowed down.

According to recent polling, Labour enjoys a significant social media advantage over the opposition.

The social media-savvy party has nearly twice as many followers as the Conservatives.

According to Statista, around 903,800 individuals follow Labour on Twitter, based on data from the UK’s major political parties.

The Conservatives, who have nearly half the number of votes as their opponents (515,800), have a much lower value.

The number of people who receive Twitter updates from the government party has dropped by over 400,000.

Other figures reveal that the Conservatives have historically struggled to dethrone Labour as the UK political establishment’s social leader.

Labour has maintained a large follower gap with its opposition, according to Social Blade, which compiles statistics from Twitter’s database.

Since at least 2019, when the Conservatives gained an 80-seat majority in Parliament, the party’s base has shrunk by 300,000 people.

Labour had 711,430 supporters in September of that election year, compared to 410,330 for the Conservatives.

According to Statista, the party’s supporters are more closely aligned with the UK’s other political parties.

The Liberal Democrats have 324,700 supporters after forming part of a coalition government in 2010.

With 320,200 votes, the SNP is only ahead of the Green Party, which has 315,000 votes.

Northern Ireland’s ruling Democratic Unionist Party is at the other extreme of the spectrum (DUP).

The Conservatives’ erstwhile coalition partner had only 47,700 Twitter followers.

Sinn Fein, the DUP’s local rival, has the third-lowest number of votes, but it is more than quadruple that at 149,900.

Plaid Cymru is third with 56,900 supporters, while UKIP and the Reform Party are fourth and fifth with 219,800 and 196,600 supporters, respectively.

For politically-minded people who watch each party’s age demographics, Labour’s performance will come as no surprise.

Also on social media, the most active age groups. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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