Starmer is facing a left-wing backlash as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn sneers at him, declaring, “This is democracy!”


Starmer is facing a left-wing backlash as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn sneers at him, declaring, “This is democracy!”

In a passionate speech to a gathering in Liverpool yesterday, JEREMY CORBYN appeared to take a veiled dig at Sir Keir Starmer.

The former Labour Party leader was in town for a rally organized by the University and College Union. Two members of staff at Liverpool University were forced to resign due to mandatory redundancy.

Mr Corbyn used his address to criticize the Government’s Policing Bill, which he described as “a fundamental attack on our rights.”

In remarks that appeared to go far beyond just criticizing the law, the Islington North MP stated that the Government should be scrutinized and made to feel “uncomfortable.”

“Opposition questions, criticism, and responsibility make those in authority uncomfortable,” he remarked.

“Democracy is all about that.

“It’s not about making life easier for those in power; it’s about holding them accountable for their actions.”

After repeated accusations from the left regarding Sir Keir’s performance as Opposition leader, he made his statements.

The Holborn and St Pancras MP committed to collaborate with the Government in the “shared mission” of getting the country through the coronavirus outbreak after becoming Labour leader last spring.

“We will engage in meaningful dialogue with the government, not opposition for the sake of opposition,” he stated.

“Not gaining political points for a political party or making unreasonable demands.”

Even when Conservative backbenchers voted against the Government in important votes on the pandemic, Sir Keir has consistently backed Boris Johnson.

He urged Labour MPs to oppose the second and third national lockdowns, as well as the four-week postponement of so-called “Freedom Day” and measures such as the requirement of facial coverings in public places.

In a Commons vote in December, the Labour leader also whipped his MPs to support Mr Johnson’s Brexit trade deal with the EU.

Some members of the party are becoming increasingly frustrated with Sir Keir’s failure to challenge the government.

Critics accuse him of supporting the Conservative Party in power when he should be criticizing them.

“We are in a bit of a state,” one shadow minister told the Observer earlier this year.

“They’ve spent too much time in the last year trying to please the extreme left on the one hand, while also attempting to appear like a government in the making on the other.

“The PLP (Parliamentary Liberal Party) is quite concerned.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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